Christmas 2022

Christ is Born!  Glorify Him!

The Star of Bethlehem invites the world to seek anew the Son of God, the Christ Child, with the Magi, and no better time than Christmas 2022.  We find the story in Chapter 2 of St Matthew’s Gospel (his Good News).

From all eternity God lives and reigns in glory. Each ray of glory is a divine Name so that every creature names in its own peculiar fashion the Divine Name. The world is still the vast theophany honored by the religions of antiquity.   Early Church Fathers saw a trace of faith in these cults; of divine Origin as having no name but possessing all Names.

So, yes, the Star IS miraculous and signals the birth of a great King. Faith was stirred and action followed.  “Homage must be rendered.” “We must bring worthy gifts.” “I am going- anyone else… will you join me?”  Whatever comes next, whatever the price, they must “get going!”  The Star had descended into their hearts to illumine each lapse of the journey about to unfold.

A bit of reading situates our “Magi” in the late BC era of the Persian empire, of the priestly Zoroastrian class, charged with sacred duties and the education of princes. These “wise men” had disciples, whose skills and services would come in handy and facilitate the journey westward, perhaps, together in a small caravan.

So much for the Magi of late BC. What about us in 2022?  

“Where is He Who has been born King of the Jews? We have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him.”

St. Maximus the Confessor recreated the Star of Bethlehem when he wrote:

The Word of God was generated according to the flesh once and for all- Now through His love for man He ardently desires to be born in spirit in those who want Him. And become a child who will grow with the growth of our virtues, making Himself manifest in the measure which He knows the receiver has the capacity for.

THIS is our 2022 STAR!!!

If we journey to Bethlehem we will find the newborn King of the Jews. We will learn of His life, of the murdered Innocents, of the sojourn in Egypt, His Crucifixion and Death. We will hear of the Resurrection, Ascension and Holy Spirit and confess the Holy Trinity.  Yes! all this we will do!  

But it is CHRISTMAS!

A STAR hangs in my heart

I DO want Him

Come! only-Begotten Son and Word of God

I promise to tend the virtues you have planted -

Then  you will  grow

in wisdom and grace  and stature

O Jesus you know my incapacity

Enlarge my heart’s capacity

May You Increase

And I decrease!