Gift of self
"Those who are received should be persons of prayer.
Sincerely aspiring to perfection."
Saint Teresa of Avila
Community Life
Simplicity of Life
Holy Annunciation Monastery of the Byzantine (Ruthenian) Rite, is a daughter house  of a Roman Rite Carmel. Today (2006) we number 15 in community. Early vocations came from Byzantine Catholic women of the United States and Canada. Since 1990 women from Slovakia and Trans Carpathian Ukraine as well as the United States and India have also entered. 

The spirit of  Carmel requires great detachment from creatures. A candidate should also discern in herself an aptitude for solitude and be comfortable with the demands of community life.

Christ asked His disciples to leave all to follow Him.  St. Teresa required that her daughters do the same - to make  a total gift of herself to Christ for the service of the Church and the salvation of souls.

Prayer is essential to Carmel; a candidate must be ready to make those  choices necessary for a life of  prayer.

St. Teresa desired that the prayer and self-denial of her daughters be for the welfare of Holy Mother the Church and for souls.

The daily schedule includes- Divine Liturgy, Liturgy of the Hours, two hours of mental prayer, spiritual  reading and study, work, time of solitude and community recreation.

Frugality and simplicity express sincere poverty of spirit.
For those wondering about a vocation- "requirements for /indications of"

1.        Baptized member of the Catholic Church
2.        Attraction to some aspect or saint of Carmel, and love of the Mother of God
3.        Presence of a call  to a life of prayer
4.        Evidence of a spirit of generosity and love that enables the total gift of self to God
5.        At least 18 years of age and have completed high school
6.        Good moral, physical, and emotional health and sufficient human maturity
7.        Freedom from debt and obligations
8.        Parental consent, if under 21

Initial contact can be made by letter or phone call. Visits to the community are certainly advisable. To facilitate discernment, a period of live-in  is permitted, and usually precedes postulancy. Postulancy lasts  for one year and  is followed by two years of Novitiate (commencing with reception  of the Habit of Carmel). Profession of First Vows concludes novitiate. The period of temporary  profession is usually of three years duration. Solemn Profession and reception of the black veil mark are the culmination of formation.